Victoria Silchenko
Victoria Silchenko

Global Alternative Funding Forum set for Nov. 11

The fifth annual Global Alternative Funding Forum takes place at the Skirball Center in Los Angeles on Nov. 11.

Founder Victoria Silchenko explains the event’s focus.

“Our one of a kind forum, with its 360-degree view of innovative financing options for entrepreneurial ventures, continues to be a powerful force worldwide in changing the status quo as we strive to bridge the worlds of alternative and traditional finance to foster entrepreneurship, creativity and innovations.

“We believe progress happens only through engagement with ALL vital parts of the financial system.”

Discussion topics include:

  • Redefining securities distribution through crowdfinance;
  • Alternative funding tools, access to liquidity and the rise of venture exchanges;
  • Funding options under the JOBS Act: Building brand loyalty via stock ownership;
  • Royalties as the alternative way for both investing and financing;
  • Federal and corporate financing programs supporting SMBs;
  • EB-5 programs;
  • Artificial intelligence and the rise of robotics in financial services;
  • The changing face of angel investors;
  • Venture capitalists on the future of venture capital; and
  • How blockchain is transforming venture financing.

Speakers include OTC Markets Group president, CEO and director Cromwell Coulson, “father” of the JOBS Act David Weild IV, Dara Albright Media founder Dara Albright, CfPA legislative and regulatory special counsel Sam Guzik, and CFIRA co-chair D.J. Paul. A complete list can be found here.

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