Growthdeck announces merger, names CEO

United Kingdom-based investment platform Growthdeck has merged with Radius Equity to create what the companies are calling “a unique/premium VC-crowdfunding hybrid”.

The new entity combines equity crowdfunding’s accessibility to capital with strong due diligence, investor reporting and customer service. Companies can raise between £500,000-£5 million.

More than £1.8 million has been raised on the platform with deals being completed by raspberry-infused gin company Inkster and SaaS resource management solution provider Fissara.

Radius Equity provided tax-efficient investment opportunities under the Enterprise Investment and Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes. Its portfolio includes London gym chain 1Rebel and electric shower technology firm Kelda Showers.

The Radius Investor Club will operate under the Growthdeck umbrella and provide its members with early dealer access, closer involvement with invest business and exclusive networking opportunities.

Growthdeck acquired Scottish crowdfunding platform Squareknot earlier this year.


Growthdeck named Steve Robinson CEO. Mr. Robinson was most recently with luxury discount e-tailer ACHICA. Former Radius Equity director and Growthdeck cofounder Gary Robins becomes strategy director.

“Growthdeck’s due diligence-focused approach to investment will help private investors finance young and exciting but sustainable businesses. Additionally, Growthdeck ensures sufficient checks and balances are in place to give investors the best chance of seeing a good return.”

Mr. Robins is excited about what comes next.

“Crowdfunding is a hugely exciting idea but standards should be as high as in any other area of investment. We aim to become a leading player in this sector through the creation of a hybrid or “new breed”, and by putting the right team in place we can make a real difference to this industry. Steve’s appointment is critical to this.”

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