StartEngine CEO Ron Miller
StartEngine CEO Ron Miller

StartEngine contest winner to get car and cash

Online public offering platform StartEngine has launched an investor referral program. The person referring the most investors by Dec. 31 wins $20,000 and an Elio Motors car. Should the winner attract at least 50,000 investors the sum doubles to $40,000.

“People can spread the word and invite their communities to join our momentum through Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels,” StartEngine cofounder and CEO Ron Miller said. “Now that the world of finance has gone online, we are committed to providing solutions that will drive engagement from those looking to capitalize on meaningful investment opportunities, while driving funding to startups and emerging businesses.”

StartEngine also offers a marketing fund which advances StartEngine participating companies as much as $50,000 to help them promote their crowdfunding campaigns. The also have a fee-free Small OPO program (under Reg CF).

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