Prosper launches Credit Card Optimizer

Prosper Marketplace has enhanced its Prosper Daily app by adding a feature to help users better manage their finances by reducing debt.

Credit Card Optimizer provides payment reminders, interest bearing balances by card and other information which helps people avoid fees.

Data cited by Prosper says more than one third of U.S. households carry credit card debt, paying more than $2,600 in annual interest. 2Q16 consumer credit card debt in the United States grew to $34.4 billion.

Prosper Daily users connect their cards to the app to see all balances, charges and interest projections should they not pay their balances in full. An additional feature suggests the proper card for a transaction with the goal of reducing interest and balancing  utilization. Push notifications remind the user of upcoming payments.

Credit Card Optimizer is available in the iOS version. The Android version is forthcoming.

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