Aztec Exchange launches ePayMe through Gosocket

Invoice finance products and services provider Aztec Exchange has made a move in Latin America by launching ePayMe, its invoice early payment tool, through Chilean company Gosocket.

The Gosocket network has 92,000 suppliers and processes $150 billion of e-invoices each year. Annual invoice financing requests approach $2.4 billion and will be services with a combination of proprietary and institutional investor capital.

“The Latin American market is certainly ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding the value of e-invoicing and early payment,” Aztec CEO Edwin Hagan-Emmin said. “There is pent up demand for a flexible, cost-effective service like ePayMe, where access to early payment is available to all customers, all of the time.

“We fund invoices based on the quality of the buyer, not the creditworthiness of the supplier. ePayMe represents a big economic multiplier for suppliers and corporations and a great risk-adjusted return for investors.”

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