Chime on growth trend

Mobile bank account and debit card company Chime has enjoyed some solid growth of late, according to a release issued by the company.

Apple recently featured Chime as a top money management app. Chime has fully embraced the iOS 10 design approach and its home screen features widgets similar to Apple’s Today Screen, “to help our members manage more areas of their financial lives,” Chime said in the release.

One of those widgets, “Connected Accounts” helps users coordinate accounts. Users can also connect with merchants in their transaction history.

“This update is just a first step toward Chime’s vision of providing an open, connected bank account that makes it easy to view and control your financial life, using Chime as the hub account,” Chime added.

A new sticker pack for iMessage and support for emojis throughout the app were also introduced. Chime has 175,000 members and YOY revenue is up 600 percent, the company reports.

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