Jacob Ginsberg

Encryption vital if internet to fulfill potential

When your business in encryption and you’ve adapted to the myriad of changes in technology over 16 years, you must be doing something right, Jacob Ginsberg believes.
Mr. Ginsberg is the director of sales for Echoworx, a company providing e-mail encryption services. Sixteen years ago Echoworx created OneWorld, an adaptable smart messaging encryption solution that works in 21 languages. Echoworx now has more than 5,000 enterprise-level deployments in 30 countries, including Symantec, Dell, AT&T, Verizon, and British Telecom. They are a WebTrust audited Certificate Authority trusted by the Apple and Microsoft Certificate Authority programs offering independently operated data centers in the United States, Canada and Europe.
Email is a vital component for any business, especially for those operating in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, finance, and legal, Mr. Ginsberg said. Maintaining confidentiality and protecting against data loss is crucial.

“Sometimes two main things which are diametrically opposed are usability and security,” Mr. Ginsberg said. In order to be effective encryption solutions have to adapt to different devices and formats and be simple to use and share with clients.

Echoworx offers three gateway email encryption solutions. Enterprise Encryption is customizable, manageable from a central location and allows for mobile and office messaging. Encrypted Webmail secures office, mobile iOS, Android and Blackberry messages. Encrypted Documents protect simple or complex documents while providing consistent branding. No additional software is required and the system supports different encryption forms.
Companies employing OneWorld can join Echoworx’s Partner Program and resell OneWorld to their partners, which allows them to receive training, sales support and discounts.
That flexibility has paid dividends, Mr. Ginsberg said.
Jacob Ginsberg
Jacob Ginsberg
“By focusing on email, it allows communities to make decisions about how they want to communicate. Instead of tying them into one format we allow them to decide how to communicate with different communities.”
Banks for example communicate with government in one way and their customers in another.
Should a client decide to change how they communicate with their client base, they should be able to easily switch, Mr. Ginsberg added. They should also be able to quickly and safely send the same message to six customers with six different domain preferences.
Without proper security, the internet cannot come close to meeting its potential, Mr. Ginsberg said.
“It occurred to me in that I grew up as the worldwide web coming out. Their was a huge amount of idealism about the internet and how it would change the world.”
Properly functioning email is an important part of that success.
“If the security is not there and the technology not usable the potential remains unfulfilled.”
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