Sapient Global Markets automates service for DZ BANK

Business technology and consulting company Sapient Global Markets announced this week it has implemented an automated approach to collateral optimization at German bank DZ BANK’s Group Treasury division.

DZ BANK is Germany’s third largest bank by assets and serves as the central institution for 1,000 cooperative banks with 11,000 branch locations. It worked with Sapient to optimize and automate collateral allocation.

“With this project, we had the challenge to add additional functions and technology to an existing process and IT landscape,” DZ BANK group lead Stefan Nagel said. “With the implementation of the collateral optimization solution we focused on our strengths in project management and together with the collateral expertise from Sapient Global Markets we planned and delivered excellent work on time and on budget.”

“FIS APEX Collateral provides our Collateral Asset Management with a highly sophisticated support system,” DZ BANK department head for liquidity/collateral management Michael Schneider said.

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