Canadian fintech introduces chatbot

A Canadian online small business lender hopes Lucy does a lot of ‘splaining, but isn’t upset at her in the least.

Lucy is Thinking Capital’s artificial intelligence chatbot and allows business owners to interact with the firm at any time on Facebook Messenger. After a few questions she can determine financing eligibility up to $300,000 and answer loan questions. Any questions Lucy cannot answered are forwarded to customer service, though Thinking Capital says her capabilities will increase over time.

Lucy enables Thinking Capital to meet customers in familiar environments, chief strategy officer Anthony Lipschitz said.

“We want to be present and accessible in all major communication channels our customers are using. It is our goal with this pilot to provide users with the best in class conversational experience, while continuing to position ourselves at the forefront of fintech innovation.”

Mr. Lipschitz said 52 percent of Thinking Capital customers apply for loans on mobile devices and tools like Lucy enable better customer service.

“We are harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to learn and then adapt to our customers’ needs. We want to transform the way we help them access and manage capital.”

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