Brad Walker
Brad Walker

New real estate investment platform launches into beta

Real estate investment platform Income& has moved from alpha into beta.

Powered by prime-rated mortgages, Income& developed PRIMOs, which stand for Prime-Rated Individual Mortgage-backed Obligations. In a release Income& said the products offer low risk and yields of at least six percent.

As it moves into beta, Income& has developed an interface allowing investment advisors and accredited investors to register and purchase PRIMOs. A three-step process allows investors to fund accounts and begin building their portfolio.

Income& CEO Brad Walker is looking several steps ahead.

“Our beta launch is a stepping stone toward the forthcoming full-scale launch of the Income& platform, which we expect to happen over the next few months…Based on requests from current customers for even more options for diversification, we are constantly adding inventory to meet demand, and look forward to making final tweaks before full launch.”

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