WorldQuant Ventures invests in untapt

Angel investment firm WorldQuant Ventures has invested in untapt, a digital hiring platform which uses machine intelligence to pair tech talent with employers. The funds are earmarked for platform scaling and the launch of untaptX, a new internal talent marketplace.

(Learn more about untapt in this Bankless Times exclusive)

WorldQuant Ventures focuses on disruptive data and fintech firms.

In a release untapt said it is nearing the end of its current funding round. It is expected to close on Oct. 31.

untapt cofounder and CEO Ed Donner said he looks forward to WorldQuant Ventures’ contribution.

“WorldQuant Ventures has tremendous experience working with innovative companies that are driving advancements in data science and artificial intelligence, making them an ideal partner to help us redefine the tech talent market,” Ed Donner said.

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