Enacomm’s EVA a biometric-enabled voice authenticator

Customer authentication and intelligent interaction technology provider Enacomm unveiled VPA biometrics-enable Enacomm Voice Authentication (EVA) at the recent Money20/20 tradeshow in Las Vegas.

The technology provides secure voice biometrics enabling users to complete common banking transactions.

“Enacomm has squashed potential security concerns with using a voice assistant for banking needs by adding voice biometrics technology,” Enacomm CEO Michael Boukadakis said. “VPAs with Eva voice biometric authentication provide a competitive edge in customer experience, catering to the demand of high-value, often on-the-go customers without increasing risk.”

In a release Enacomm said it has a 99.99 percent success rate and provides the added security of a customer code to prevent unauthorized voice access. All transactions are also encrypted.

“Allowing users to authenticate with their voice, without having to say both their PIN and account numbers out loud, is the breakthrough that was needed to make voice assistants safe for personal banking,” Mr. Boukadakis added. “Enacomm has added the secret ingredient – voice biometrics – to VPAs, delivering the recipe for modern banking customer satisfaction.”


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