P2P content distributor DECENT expands to Asia and Europe

P2P content distribution platform DECENT has embarked on an international expansion during its ICO.

The Swiss-based company has a growing presence in China, including a new office in Shanghai and partnerships with Chinese firms Beijing Fastweb and Aikxian. Beijing Fastweb has more than 150 locations and existing partnerships with every major Chinese telecom, while Aikxian is a video live-streamer.

DECENT has also established a blockchain development hub in Yerevan, Armenia whose mission is to develop products enabling the exchange of digital content around the world.

Cofounder Matej Michalko commented on the significance of the expansion.

“There is so much potential in the Asian market and the thirst for blockchain-powered solutions, especially to problems like piracy, is growing by the day.

“We are also excited about our developments in the Caucasus. Armenia has presented itself as a fertile climate for software developers who have their hearts set on innovating in blockchain technology. To that end were are establishing the first ever blockchain hub in Yerevan and hope to gain backing by the Armenia national government, which will dramatically accelerate blockchain expansion in the region.”

DECENT has also partnered with the Hackereum Project to enhance the security of its platform. White-hat hackers will carry out attacks to identify vulnerabilities.

The ICO, which has raised $3.6 million so far, concludes on Nov. 6. DCT tokens will be issued by the second quarter of next year.