Blaine McLaughlin
Blaine McLaughlin

VIA Folio supports private investment in cannabis-related businesses

Investors in cannabis-related businesses can look to VIA Folio for capital raising an brokerage solutions.

Two categories of legal businesses will be initially supported – pharmaceutical companies engaged in research under DEA waivers and companies that do not “touch the plant” but who provide products and services to businesses that do.

VIA Folio CPO Blaine McLaughlin explained the move.

“We have been considering supporting cannabis businesses’ capital raising efforts for some time and accelerated that exploration after a number of broker-dealers and others asked about our willingness to support these companies. After carefully considering the legal, public policy and regulatory landscape and VIA Folio’s goal of democratizing private investing, our goal became clear.”

VIA Folio has released “Cannabis Special Report “, an analysis of the cannabis industry whose highlights include a list of companies they have assisted, thoughts on state level legalization and an overview of why current conditions are ripe for expansion.

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