Baffle closes $3M funding round

Data security company Baffle has closed a $3 million round led by Silicon Valley VC firm True Ventures. Engineering Capital also participated.

Baffle encrypts data when it is stored on site or in the cloud and when it is precessed by databases and applications.

In a release Baffle cited a Breach Level Index report stating only four percent of the 5.3 billion compromised data records since 2013 involved encrypted data. Most of those involved compromised administrator credentials, a problem Baffle addresses by keeping data encrypted at every stage.

An early investor explained Baffle’s value proposition.

“Public cloud adoption has heightened customers’ concerns about the security of their data, especially for sensitive application workloads,” Peter Cohen said. “Baffle’s new end-to-end data encryption solution renders any stolen data useless to hackers, even if they have compromised the credentials of a database administrator.”


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