Chain releases open source version of distributed ledger platform

Blockchain technology developer Chain has released a free and open source version of its distributed ledger platform which enables organizations to issue and transfer assets on permission blockchain networks.

Available for the first time, the Chain Core Developer Edition (CCDE) allows developers to download and install Chain Core to start and join a blockchain network, build financial applications and access in-depth technical documentation and tutorials. Users can run prototypes on a test network.

In a release chain said CCDE is the result of a multi-year partnership with financial firms to build blockchain architecture that maps to the financial industry’s use cases.

“We are thrilled to give developers everywhere open access to Chain’s platform,” CTO Ryan Smith said. “Chain Core Developer Edition provides a seamless end-to-end experience to design, build, and test prototypes on a system we created from the ground up to suit the scalability and security requirements of the financial industry.”

CCDE  comes with a Java SDK, code samples, and getting started guides along with installers and a dashboard interface for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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