Bizfi enjoys strong Q3

Small business funding marketplace Bizfi originated more than $127 million in financing during 3Q16.

The most common sectors seeking financing were manufacturing (+100 percent), retail, (+23) B2C services (+20 percent) and B2B services (+15 percent). States seeing the biggest gains in activity were Michigan (37 percent), Pennsylvania (36 percent), Georgia (24 percent), New York (10 percent), and Texas (10 percent).

MCC's Stephen Sheinbaum: "We are in the first or second inning of a nine inning game in terms of API development and improving efficiency"

MCC’s Stephen Sheinbaum

“As small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy, the growth in manufacturing, retail, and the service sectors signal that our economy is strengthening and consumers have more discretionary income,” Bizfi founder Stephen Sheinbaum said.

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