‘Wiggy’ the smart piggy bank teaches kids to save

Spiral Toys is using modern technology to put a fresh face on an old savings animal.

spi_products_wiggy_graphicWiggy is the first smart piggy bank to connect to its own Chore app and introduces kids to earning and saving money by combining a Bluetooth-enabled piggy bank with a mobile app.

It responds to app commands to encourage users to keep on track with established goals and speaks, lights up and shakes when milestones are reached. Kids can also track savings earmarked for future spends.

Spiral Toys CEO Mark Meyers

Spiral Toys CEO Mark Meyers

Spiral Toys CEO Mark Meyers shared which marketing avenue delivered the best returns.

“Video ad campaigns have shown to be our most valuable marketing strategy, which has massively impacted our number of new customers and brand recognition. We are currently seeing a 4:1 return on marketing investment for our digital media campaigns.”