Lisk campaigns designed to grow blockchain popularity

Blockchain application platform Lisk hopes a set of new campaigns will increase the long-term success of its blockchain while maintaining its core tenets.

Delegate call

They have issued a public call for the nomination of new delegates who, if ultimately chosen, will perform key blockchain tasks in exchange for forging rewards. LSK stakeholders vote for candidates who best indicate their support for the Lisk environment while also demonstrating an acute understanding of the role of blockchain technology. They must commit to lowering the barriers to entry for new members and identify new opportunities for Lisk to pursue.

Registered delegates will, for a limited time, be refunded the 25 LSK proposal fee in an attempt to attract more delegates.

“Lisk is firm in our mission to maintain and grow a decentralized network, and so we look forward to the nomination of new delegate leaders to foster our community,” CEO Max Kordek said. “The cumulative voting power of all Lisk holders decides who will make up the 101 delegates, so it’s purely a community-led decision and that’s the direction we want to take.

CEO Max Kordek

CEO Max Kordek

“Sharing the power and incentivizing users is the most effective way to build a blockchain, and that is why Lisk is on the rise.”

Proposal contest

LSK holders are invited to submit proposals of any kind to the network through Dec. 5. Three submissions will earn 5,000 LSK ($800 value) for their creators while an additional ten will merit 1,000 LSK ($160). The Lisk Core Development team will judge the proposals on viability, creativity, clarity, thoroughness, transparency and their ability to contribute to the Lisk ecosystem.

Community Fund introduced

The Lisk Community Fund will focus on the development and long-term viability of a decentralized and community-led Lisk Ecosystem. It will be funded with voluntary contributions from LSK owners. All holdings will remain in escrow until 2019.

Mr. Kordek and cofounder Oliver Beddows are putting their LSK where their mouths are with a combined donation of 100,000 LSK ($16,000).

Based in Berlin, Germany, Lisk is a blockchain application platform enabling users to build applications from scratch in JavaScript. A decentralized platform, it allows for deployment, distribution and monetization of sidechains into the Lisk blockchain. The Lisk network operates via a Delegated-Proof-of-Stake consensus model which is secured by democratically-elected delegates.

Lisk has a current valuation of $16 million, placing it in sixteenth place on the most valuable digital currencies list.