The Daily Dig for Wed., Nov. 30

Southern districts have highest unbanked percentages

A quick peek at a map of unbanked rates across the continental United States shows the highest percentages in states surrounding Louisiana. More interesting tidbits from Laura McMullen.

India’s unbanked hardest hit by recent currency moves

There are hundreds of millions of people in India who do not have bank accounts. They will be the hardest hit by the country’s new currency policies, Larry White explains.

Current percentage of unprofitable banks lowest in 19 years: FDIC

More banks are making more money and the rate of unprofitable banks has not been this low since 1997. Learn more here.

United Kingdom and India companies partner to offer low rates to Indians

Hyderabad P2P is partnering with UK big data company Cove Venture to offer artificial intelligence and machine and deep learning algorithms to India’s alternative finance industries. Learn more here.

TBTF changes coming soon?

Despite the fact that only 35 of 6,500 US banks exceed the $50 billion threshold, legislation to raise that level, which comes with increasing scrutiny, may soon be passed. It has some significant supporters, Jeff Cox reports.

RBS, Barclays and Standard Chartered among stressed UK banks

Recent stress tests reveal some United Kingdom banks are indeed stressed. Ben  Moshinsky reports.