Transfast offering weekly free flights to Nigeria

Global funds transfer company Transfast is partnering with West Africa’s largest airline to offer one free trip to Nigeria each week to a Transfast customer.

Customers in the United States and Canada who send a qualifying transfer via Transfast’s website, mobile app or partner location are eligible for the Arik Air flight. Each week one luck customer will receive the round-trip ticket from New York to Nigeria plus a $500 Amazon gift card. Five runners-up will get a $100 Amazon gift card.

Transfast COO Komal Rathi

Transfast COO Komal Rathi

The contest runs through Jan. 6.

“Partnerships, like the one we’re announcing today, matter to Transfast, as a key part of a global strategy to give more value to the customer with every transaction,” Transfast COO Komal Rathi said.

Visit their website for more information.

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