VST Enterprises names John Hughes chairman

VST Enterprises has named former KPMG partner John Hughes its new chairman. Mr. Hughes spent 28 years with KPMG, where he rose to be partner in charge of transaction services.

CEO Louis-James Davis explains the decision to appoint Mr. Hughes.

John Hughes

John Hughes

“He recognizes the rising urgency for a solution like VCode and will channel our recent rapid progress into long-term success. Ultimately John will play a key part in enabling us to achieve our goal of eradicating fraud and counterfeiting on physical items with end-to-end traceability, by making VCode a ubiquitous standard for user authentication and access control.”

Mr. Hughes has a grand vision for VST Enterprises.

“At VST Enterprises we have one goal right now – to deliver efficient solutions to counterfeiting and fraud that will improve access and security globally. This capability will range from online shopping and gaming, through to electronic benefit transactions and national ID cards.”

VCode technology provides authentication for online transactions.