Manifold Technology releases high performance enterprise blockchain platform

Blockchain startup Manifold Technology released its Manifold Platform at the Blockchain for Wall Street conference in New York City on Nov. 29.

The distributed ledger platform is publicly available as a foundation for anyone to build enterprise-ready, blockchain-enabled applications and has already been employed with Royal Bank of Canada’s rewards program and R3CEV consortium’s fixed income trading program.

Manifold Technology's Chris Finan

Manifold Technology’s Chris Finan

While Bitcoin signifies the most familiar application of blockchain technology, its output is limited to seven transactions per second, a fraction of the 2,000-8,000 pace of the largest credit card companies, Manifold said in a release. The Manifold platform can handle more than 10,000 transactions per second in operational environments by combining blockchain with modern data storage.

Each platform created is wholly owned by the deploying entity and offers the transparency of a blockchain audit record without susceptibility to external manipulation.

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