Symbiont hires noted cryptographer

Distributed ledger technology platform Symbiont has named Dr. Lisa Yin its chief security officer and chief cryptographer. She is responsible for leading the development of advanced security and privacy solutions on the Symbiont platform.

symbiontDr. Yin has more than two decades of experience in research, implementation, consulting and standardization of security technology. She is one of three researchers who broke the U.S. government hash standard SHA-a and is chief editor of IEEE P1363, the first comprehensive standard for public key cryptography. She earned her Ph.D. in applied mathematics from MIT.

“The Symbiont team has already solved hard problems that give its platform a competitive edge in terms of both security and performance,” Dr. Yin said. “I am very excited to join the team, and I look forward to keeping Symbiont ahead of the curve on developments in cryptography, which is a critical building block for distributed ledger technology.”

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