Diebold Nixdorf technology to power Austrian bank CX program

Austria’s largest financial institution hopes to improve the customer experience with new ATMs.

Raiffeisen Bank Group has purchased 1,200 ATM’s from Diebold Nixdorf that have special features including advanced bill payment and contactless functionalities such as quick response (QR) codes and near field communication (NFC) readers. Clients will be able to pay bills by using the QR reader, scanning the bill’s QR code. or confirming the information from the scanned bill using the ATM’s touch screen display. Customers possessing NFC-capable cards can now access its contactless features.

Stefan Sandberger

Stefan Sandberger

The changes also allow Raiffeisen to deploy new applications which interact with users smart phones.

“With or investment in this state of the art technology, we are acquiring the future-proof solutions for the self-service channel for the next decade, and can continue to develop our offers in line with the wishes and needs of our customers,” Raiffeisen board member Stefan Sandberger said.

A Diebold Nixdorf representative said this deal is one of the largest in the company’s history.