Handshake seals the deal with Intuit QuickBooks Online

B2B commerce technology provider Handshake has been certified for Intuit QuickBooks Online. Its mobile order writing and B2B e-commerce solutions are now listed in the Intuit QuickBooks App Store.

The new integration allows businesses to write electronic orders which instantly sync to QuickBooks. Sales representatives can access real-time customer, product and catalog data. Handshake also has a B2B e-commerce portal featuring a self-service buying experience.

CEO Glen Coates

CEO Glen Coates

“Sales initiatives, order management and accounting processes go hand-in-hand for small and medium-sized manufacturers and distributors,” Handshake CEO Glen Coates said.

“Our customers rely on our mobile-first B2B Commerce platform to not only provide superior ordering experiences for sales reps and customers, but also make it easy for their back office to manage orders.

“Integrating with QuickBooks combines top bookkeeping technology with our leading order management system to automate data flow and business processes.”

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