FinTech School lands two blue-chip clients and launches training facility

Featuring major clients and partners like IBM, Moody’s and The Wharton School of Business, FinTech School launches its first location in the heart of Silicon Valley to train the Financial Services industry, its service providers and major universities.

FinTech School, a FinTech Portfolio company, leverages its network of subject matter experts and practicing entrepreneurs to bring affordable and practical training to people, corporations and universities across the world who are interested in financial technology (FinTech) via highly curated on and offline content.

They have partnered with advisors and consultants to financial institutions such as Moody’s and IBM to provide onsite workshops and custom-made programs to advice their clients on FinTech trends, regulatory affairs, business models and strategic product development.

“The FinTech School continues to be a great partner delivering on-site training programs and fintech innovation tours to the largest financial institutions from China. We look forward to launching our joint offering to service our 800,000 alumni with online fintech training” said Yawe Cui, Moody’s Senior Academic Director & Chief Interpreter.

IBM Learning Lab has released a new repository of fintech and blockchain courses and use cases for developers and business analysts. These courses and use cases are offered in conjunction with Fintech School and others according to their press release.

Amilcar Chavarria

Amilcar Chavarria

FinTech School also provides content to top tier US Business Schools like The Wharton School of Businesses and Global e-learning marketplaces like Open Sesame that can be white-labeled.

“Amilcar Chavarria and the FinTech School’s presentation was knowledgeable, well-paced, and consistently relevant. This workshop is an outstanding resource as an introduction to FinTech for professionals at all levels.” said Steve Hernandez, Director, Career Management Wharton MBA Program for Executives, San Francisco.

Given that most e-learning marketplaces lack FinTech Content, they have packaged courses that are also available to professionals who are looking to learn more about specific fintech topics, are exploring a switch in their careers or interested in advancing in their current job related to this space.

“The FinTech School did an excellent job leading a panel discussion with FinTech entrepreneurs representing blockchain, payments and crowdfunding. It was evident that the FinTech School is a leader in this space by the way they were able to navigate the discussion and point out the overlap between these sectors.” said Stephen Carle, a Director at the largest asset manager in the world, BlackRock.

FinTech School is actively looking for distribution partners for its content, instructors and strategic investors to scale online content production, technical integrations with learning management systems and finalizing global distribution agreements. Their new physical location is a new FinTech Innovation Hub in San Francisco called FinTech Plex. For more information email: [email protected]