CEO Max Kordek
Max Kordek

Lisk opens books, announces not-for-profit foundation

Decentralized blockchain application platform Lisk has successfully registered the Lisk Foundation, a Switzerland-based not-for-profit foundation controlling approximately $10 million in cryptocurrency.

CEO Max Kordek said Lisk completed what some consider to be the first modern ICO in March and that every one of the thousands of participating investors has profited.

CEO Max Kordek
CEO Max Kordek

“The Lisk Foundation is tasked with a mission to financially support the development and promotion of the Lisk project overall; its establishment will help guarantee the success of a widely used, next generation blockchain application platform.”

The Lisk Foundation is based in Zug. Its books are open for public inspection. Current totals can be viewed at the following addresses:

LSK – 5726759782318848681L

BTC – 3HsSR84zReeBt5fTMESWJ2y18pMo5gz2Sq

Additional financial reporting will come before year-end, the company said.

“With the foundation in place, we now have the team, the funding and the community to realize the extraordinary promise of Lisk,” Mr. Kordek added.

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