Hyperledger Project seeks to advance blockchain tech

A collaborative industry effort with the goal of advancing blockchain technology has added eight new members who will work toward an open standard for distributed ledgers.

Hosted by the Linux Foundation, the Hyperledger Project now has more than 100 members.

The new members are CA Technologies, Factom Foundation, healthcare blockchain firm Hashed Health, Korean financial IT firm Koscom, LedgerDomain, global marketplace Lykke, Swiss fintech cluster Swisscom, and the Sovrin Foundation.

Brian Behlendorf

Brian Behlendorf

“(2016) has been a full year of growth for the project,” Hyperledger executive director Brian Behlendorf said.

“Not only did we exceed 100 members, Hyperledger met significant development milestones thanks to the community’s hard work. As 2016 was a year of exploration, R&D and prototyping, we’re excited for 2017 to be the year we start to see case studies of the technology in production environments.”

“It’s an exciting time for this because blockchain is not just for Bitcoin anymore, and the range of potential applications with it is vast for our customers,” CA Technologies CTO Otto Berkes said.

“This partnership will help us influence what that future looks like for both CA and our customers as they embark on their digital transformation journey.”