Intellisys launches updated blockchain offering

The general partner of a private investment fund facilitated by the Ethereum blockchain has made four amendments to its initial token offering.

The new document can be viewed at

Mainstreet Investment LP general partner Intellisys Capital has moved the sale stat date to Jan. 23 (it ends Mar. 23, 2017). The carried interest split has been changed from 30/70 to 50/50 for investments requiring GP or ownership recourse to obtain competitive financing for leveraged buyout options. New language protects Mainstreet Investment Token capital contributions on investments and the discount structure has been modified to reduce investor arbitrage concerns.

CTO Charlie Shrem

CTO Charlie Shrem

The fund’s first investment is in a Michigan sanitary waste disposal company, one company officials describe as an essential building block of the fund. The prospectus is available at

Intellisys CTO Charlie Shrem looks forward to the coming weeks.

“We will be closing this deal as soon as we hit the required investment threshold. This will be the first time global crypto-investors will own physical stable U.S. companies.”