Morgan Stanley partnership Addepar’s largest to date

Financial operating system producer Addepar has signed a deal with Morgan Stanley which will see their investment management platform employed with Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management teams. It is Addepar’s largest wirehouse partnership to date.

“We look forward to working with Addepar,” Morgan Stanley CIO for wealth management Chris Randazzo said. “They have an innovative platform that our private wealth advisors will look to leverage to deliver a differentiated service to high net worth clients.”

Available tools include data aggregation, performance reporting and client portal which will allow advisors to perform sophisticated analyses and tailor communications.

“Our platform enhances their ability to serve the reporting needs of their most complex end clients,” Addepar CEO Eric Poirier said. “It is a big step for Addepar and our ambitious vision to power global finance with a unified data model and open platform, empowering anyone to make truly data-driven investment decisions.”

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