CEO Allen Shayanfekr
CEO Allen Shayanfekr

Sharestates reaches milestone

Real estate investment marketplace Shareestates announced this week it has reached the $275 million loan origination milestone after closing out the year with more than $42 million in loans in December.
All loans originated on the platform are secured by both the property and the borrower’s personal guarantee. The platform performs a 34-point underwriting process on each project.
“A key to our growth has been our ability to identify safe and profitable investments that will generate higher yields that the industry average,” cofounder and CEO Allen Shayanfekr said. “As the crowdfunding industry expands, we are confident in our model’s ability to maintain outstanding results for investors and generate competitive returns.”
Sharestates has launched a Series A equity fundraising round on SeedInvest. It runs through the end of this month.
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