Alex Baydin, CEO and founder, PerformLine. (Aaron Houston NJBIZ)

PerformLine offers solution in era of higher scrutiny

In this era of increasing regulatory scrutiny it becomes more important, yet harder at the same time, for companies to make sure they are meeting those regulations while accurately portraying their brand, Alex Baydin believes.

Mr. Baydin is the founder and CEO of PerformLine, developers of a comprehensive compliance solution designed to help marketers mitigate risk, save money and protect their brand.

“We help our clients make sure all of their marketing, advertising and spoken communications are compliant with regulations, avoiding misrepresentations, and following their own guidelines on how they want their brand portrayed,” Mr. Baydin began.

After graduating from Cornell University, Mr. Baydin worked at Bloomberg and United Online before joining contextual CPC and search engine marketing firm Quigo Technologies. It was there the seeds for PerformLine were planted.

“I learned there are a lot of issues with how companies acquiring customers online are exposing themselves to compliance risk,” Mr. Baydin said.

Alex Baydin, CEO and founder, PerformLine
(Aaron Houston NJBIZ)

When PerformLine made its pivot to compliance it was the Wild West. There was insatiable demand for digital advertising and companies flooding into the space were figuring things out as they moved along.

“New companies were popping up to help others reach people without a lot of controls,” Mr. Baydin said. “Regulators were playing catchup to protect consumers in the new environment.”

That environment exists in many forms, with constant development occurring across video, social, mobile and desktop formats. It also comes at speeds making hard for anyone including regulators, to stay current.

There are many common compliance issues companies must be concerned with, Mr. Baydin explained. As processes become more automated, companies and their partners have to be vigilant in remembering to have planned advertisements and the claims within screened by their internal legal teams.

Those ads then have to be tracked throughout their life spans to ensure affiliates, partners and third party lead aggregators are not altering them, Mr. Baydin added.

Customer contact centers are another aspect that need to be watched closely, Mr. Baydin said. After long being heavily scripted, many are wanting to allow their staff to have some freedom in the search for a richer customer experience.

But that opens up compliance issues, especially as call volumes rise. PerformLine responded with a set of solutions that goes beyond random sampling to analyze every call minute to quickly identify trends.

Voice-to-text transcription is a key component of speech analytics. PerformLine’s PerformMatch automates the review of every minute of every call for data mining in search of insight. Automated quality assurance and script adherence technology identifies trends and assesses personnel performance. Consumer sentiment technology lets companies tag and monitor for specific words and identify trends.

Additional capability allows clients to identify banned or required terms, emotion handling, behavior escalation and inappropriate language.

“We leverage technology to mine the data generated by what the people have to say,” Mr. Baydin said. “Patterns exist and we need to document them and take remediation actions when necessary, such as sending a copy of a call with violations to a supervisor.”

As companies extend their reach into new territories and industries, they have to be vigilant in maintaining a proper brand portrayal, Mr. Baydin said. A financial services company may have 50 cards on the market, each with their own unique benefits which can rapidly change. PerformLine technology allows those companies to track partner companies to ensure terms are accurately portrayed.

“You also want to make sure your ads are not aligned with undesirable content,” Mr. Baydin advised.

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