Bitcoin-gold exchange accepted into Techstars Berlin

Global bitcoin-gold exchange announced this week they earned one of eight spots in the 2017 Techstars Berlin Program. CEO Joshua Scigala looks forward to the learning experience.

“Techstars is one of the largest and most prestigious investors in startups around the world. They not only invest time and money but have an extraordinary network that helps light up the path ahead as to avoid pitfalls where many startups fail.” lets users buy and sell gold bullion with each other, withdraw gold bullion, or sell it for bitcoin.

“Programmable digital currencies not controlled by companies or governments are one of the most interesting developments in computer science since the invention of the internet itself,” Mr. Scigala added. “Bitcoin is getting stronger every day and our implementation makes gold relevant again as a global currency.” said it hopes its Techstars experience allows it to fast track their plan to integrate Euro, provide a physical gold-backed VISA debit card and create a banking app. They said they have more than 4,000 clients from 92 countries which collectively hold more than €1.8 million in bitcoin and gold.