Singer Tatiana Moroz launches artist cryptocurrency


Singer Tatiana Moroz announced the early beta launch of the first cryptocurrency for artists at The Blockchain Event in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

TATIANACOIN will unite artists and fans through advanced blockchain technology. Fans will be able to steam music while supporting Ms. Moroz, chat with her and other fans, and access unique multimedia content, private concerts and merchandise.

Tatiana Moroz

Tatiana Moroz


In a release, Ms. Moroz said artists struggle in a system that can earn them less than one penny per stream and intense competition for fan loyalty.

“After experiencing firsthand the troubles artists face trying to make a name for themselves, I sought a revolutionary way for artists and fans to help each other through incentivized financial support and social connectivity. The only way to achieve this is through the power of the blockchain, a technology that presents countless opportunities for artists and musicians.

“TATIANACOIN is the first instance of what we call an ArtistCoin: a digital currency that removes the middleman and smooths contracts, payments and communications. ArtistCoins will enable songwriters, record labels, and publishers to seamlessly register their work, view tamper-proof payment contracts, and distribute songs with all the splits built in.

“This will streamline the licensing process and ensure all the parties are fairly compensated.”