Appian survey results points to risks posed by citizen developers

Results of a YouGov survey commissioned by Appian suggests a majority of IT leaders are troubled by several risks posed by citizen developers:

  • 73 per cent believe they pose a risk for data integrity.
  • 69 per cent say they risk security.
  • 58 per cent with experience with citizen-developed apps say they pose risks to integration.

As citizen developers become more common due to a coming shortage of professional developers, 78 per cent believe having one low-code platform for the enterprise is becoming increasingly important.

  • 82 per cent of ITDMs believe it is important for companies to ensure secure and scalable citizen development.
  • 71 per cent wish their company had an effective technology platform to manage citizen developers.

“Central IT must accelerate its response to digital transformation,” Appian cofounder and CEO Matt Calkins said. “Low-code development also provides the additional benefit of bringing the citizen development movement under the governance of IT to ensure security, data integrity and operational efficiencies are being met.”

  • 73 per cent of IT leaders are concerned citizen developers risk using the wrong data in business applications.
  • 69 per cent of ITDMs say data security is compromised by citizen developers.
  • 58 per cent of IT leaders who have experience with citizen developed apps say their company has had integration issues with them, including the use of different software which causes business unit silos and operation slowdowns.

Appian cited Gartner research  stating at least half of all new IT business applications will be created on low-code platforms by 2020. Three quarters believe a new platform enabling citizen development governance would reduce the burden on their IT departments. A similar percentage (76) believe citizen developers should employ one enterprise low-code platform as a risk mitigator.