Bitcoin alternative Dash releases software upgrade

Bitcoin alternaive Dash has released Sentinel, its newest software upgrade. Also known as version 12.1, the upgrade lays the groundwork for the launch of Evolution, Dash’s decentralized payments system.

The upgrade includes additions and improvements to backend protocols, governance, voting and privacy functions and is the largest redesign in the company’s history.

In a release Dash said is market capitalization increased by 75 per cent in January. Now in excess of $123 million, it passed Ethereum Classic to rank sixth on the global cryptocurrency value list.

“In our ongoing quest to prioritize the user experience, our talented development team has created Sentinel to provide an underlying architecture that’s easier to use and more attractive to mainstream adopters of Dash,” director of finance Ryan Taylor said. “We vastly improved the speed of our end use privacy features, improved access to information on the network’s budget and voting system, and created a much more stable and robust governance system that enables changes to the network without requiring additional software upgrades.”

Sentinel includes a large-scale decentralized programmable database solution which allows for paid installation updates. Dash said no other cryptocurrency has a mechanism  to support updates via a programmable interface.

Evolution can be used seamlessly on web and mobile devices without an intermediary and comes with hack-proof savings accounts, enhanced security, traditional bank account integration and the ability to make free cross border remittances and payments.