TaaS adds pair to board

Tokenized closed end blockchain asset fund TaaS has made two additions to is board.
Patrick Salm is the strategic risk manager and business analyst at BANK-now AG. He provides analysis and optimization of risk-relevant business processes and applications. Mr. Salm also led BANK-now’s pre-legal recovery team where he monitored risks and progress of loss-bearing positions for more than $150 million in assets. He previously worked at Jelmoli Bonus Card and Intrum Justitia.
“I am proud to bring my extensive experience in finance to the advisory board of TaaS, which I believe represents a unique opportunity for investors to capitalize on capital raising, fund management and cryptocurrency in a new way,” Mr. Salm said.
Pascal Bommeli has three years of cryptocurrency experience and holds a Master’s degree in publication management and a print specialist federal certificate.
Other TaaS board members include fund manager John Wong and legal consultant Sergey Rabenko. Mr. Wong is a former Lehman Brothers investment banker while Mr. Rabenko is a legal consultant at International Finance Corporation.
TaaS issues tokens built on a profit-sharing smart contract where token owners earn half of quarterly profits. One-fourth of profits are reinvested back into the fund. Should token net asset values increase their value will be explicitly tied to parent project performance.