AltFi Data adds Prosper Marketplace to Data Analytics USA

AltFi Data today announced it has added Prosper’s loan portfolio historic origination data to AltFi Data Analytics USA. Data from loans originated on Prosper’s platform can now be presented in accordance with AltFi Data’s established standards.

Investors can view net return records and make apples-to-apples comparisons to other platforms on AltFI Data Analytics UK, including Zopa, Funding Circle, RateSetter and MarketInvoice.

The move is notable in that it is the first time a viable comparison has been made across geographies.

“Prosper and the existing UK originators represented in AltFi Data Analytics should be commended for pushing the boundaries of transparency by facilitating verified disclosure to a consistent standard,” AltFi Data founder and CEO Rupert Taylor said. “Investors recognize that this sector is originating high returning assets with low expected correlation to other asset classes. AltFi Data’s tools can facilitate the due diligence process and encourage investors to increase deployment or establish new relationships.”

Ron Suber believes this is an important step for industry-wide transparency.

“Prosper’s investors want customized tools that help them analyze and visualize loan level data and performance. By integrating with AltFi Data, we now have another independent member of the industry’s ecosystem delivering standardized metrics so that investors have the ability to compare and contrast performance of loans originated through Prosper against other marketplace lending platforms.”

Mr. Taylor explained important components of due diligence.

“Due diligence should allow investors to identify two critical characteristics in an originator platform: competence and alignment. Platforms that allow verified disclosure of asset performance to a comparable standard can demonstrate both.”