Dash added to Bitfinex exchange

 Cryptocurrency Dash has been added to Bitfinex, a digital asset exchange.

There should be plenty of interest in Dash, the company believes, as it said in a release that it is now trading at $44 per coin, a 400 per cent value increase from its 2017 starting rate of $11. It now has a $320 million-plus market cap, the third largest after Bitcoin and Ethereum..

“Partnering with Bitfinex is a very important step for Dash as we look to provide good, regulated on and off ramps to the network that really make user applications easier,” Dash VP of business development Daniel Diaz said. “Dash is in a transition towards the regulated fiat exchanges that will make it a lot easier for users and investors to move in and out of the Dash economy, which will reduce friction and allow Dash to trade directly for fiat currencies in the more popular exchanges in the blockchain industry.”

Bitfinex is based in Hong Kong and moves more than $50 million every day. It was founded in 2012.

“Anyone that has been in the digital currency space long enough knows that one of the most difficult things in crypto still today is getting access to coins. Our users will be thrilled to have more options to buy Dash directly without having to go through other digital currencies, making interaction with our blockchain even more friendly,” Mr. Diaz said.