Common Cents Lab announces 2017 partners

Common Cents Lab has announced its 16 behavioral design partners for 2017, The Duke University financial research lab will work with these 16 companies to create, test and introduce products and services designed to improve the financial well-being of 1.8 million American households with low and moderate incomes.

“In our first year, we showed how behavioral interventions can influence positive, measurable improvements in financial well-being,” Common Cents founder, Behavioral Economics Professor, and New York Times bestselling author Dan Ariely said. “The response to our 2017 call for applicants is uplifting because it demonstrates a deep industry-wide desire to use behavioral insights in service to LMI households.”

Common Cents’ 2017 fintech partners include:

  • ActiveHours: provides people access to their paycheck at the tap of a button;
  • Chime: a bank account that helps members avoid fees and automate their savings;
  • CoinFlip: instantly reduces the amount shoppers pay on groceries by applying third party funds.
  • Digital Insight: provides digital banking solutions to simplify money management;
  • DoubleNetPay: actionable and automated financial wellness;
  • Homebase: helps local businesses save time with scheduling, time clock and team communication tools.

Nonprofit partners include:

Credit union partners include:

Each of these partners are working towards improving the financial health of 1.8 million households. Common Cents wishes to gain scalable behavioral insights for economically viable products and services that benefit society.