to assist with ICOs


Blockchain technology company ICONOMI is partnering with Wachsman PR and Deloitte to help select ICOs maximize their potential. provides business development coaching, ICO process education and a platform offering advanced technical tools.

“Following the success of ICONOMI’s crowdsale last year that raised over $10.5 million, we are extremely proud to publicly launch as a collaborative platform to share our expertise with other upcoming projects,” cofounder and CEO Jan Isakovic said. “Many ICOs have a brilliant vision but lack experience with the ICO vehicle, and consequently, they require assistance in formulating and executing an effective go-to-market strategy. By providing active mentorship and expert coaching from seasoned veterans, aims to help the most promising entrepreneurs in the cryptocurrency space.

“In effect we are building a Silicon Valley for the Distributed Age.”

The young initiative has already worked with more than 30 potential ICOs. The most promising ones will soon appear on the platform. will negotiate a percentage of ICO crowdsales to maintain business operations and in exchange introduce companies to technical, business and investor advice.


Success ultimately depends on more than a good product, cofounder and head of evaluations and mentoring Daniel Zakrisson said.

“Raising funds requires more than developing a technically sound product – one must effectively pitch in tune with the investor community. will help provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to leverage our established professional network to build trusted relationships with investors. This is especially important in the crypto market, where investors are highly concerned about the potential for scams or team schisms. The network of experts means that turns ICOs from a novel funding mechanisms into smart money and a real foundation for success.”