Steemit hires marketing VP

Decentralized social media platform Steemit has hired Mitchell Loureiro to lead its growth strategy. Mr. Loureiro will lead physical and digital marketing campaigns and encourage Steemit users to draft proposals and create projects to help grow the platform.

Mr. Loureiro was involved in startups with Portugal’s StartipLX before assisting with the launch of Ardor token distribution through the Nxt Foundation. He was involved with iLovePDF and is the marketing lead for Santiment, a company providing crypto market sentiment data.

Mitchell Loureiro

Mitchell Loureiro

Steemit CEO Ned Scott expects Mr. Loureiro to bring some unique insights.

“The way Mitchell thinks about taking Steemit from a crypto-centric project to a household name is genius, and completely reflects the nature of our innovation; decentralization, empowering the people, and incentivized community interaction. Mitchell has an incredible background and has been entrenched in blockchain since 2012. He is savvy, has a significant network to leverage, and has deep knowledge of the Steemit community.”

“My job is to provide marketing expertise, but the future of Steemit belongs to our users,” Mr. Loureiro explained. “We can’t play Facebook’s game. We don’t need to. We have a vibrant and engaged community dedicated to sharing Steemit with the world. That’s the beauty of Steemit; everyone has a voice, and everyone is rewarded for their contributions.”