Diebold Nixdorf pledge to support financially underserved

Financial services software provider Diebold Nixdorf today pledged $250,000 to provide financial education and empowerment to underserved populations both at home and abroad.

The pledge, to be delivered over four years, was made through the Diebold Foundation to Operation HOPE. It will support education on such topics as credit and money management, homeownership preparedness and small business entrepreneurship.

“We would like to thank Diebold Nixdorf for their generous support of the work of Operation HOPE,” Operation HOPE founder, chairman and CEO John Hope Bryant said. “The support of an important player in the financial services industry, like Diebold Nixdorf, helps us continue to impact more lives by making banking more accessible to people around the world.”

While data can vary, it is assumed in the neighborhood of two billion adults lack access to financial services.

Operation HOPE has assisted more than 2.6 million people worldwide and generated $2 billion in economic activity for the disenfranchised.

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