Dash shuffle sees Taylor appointed Core Project CEO

A management shuffle at cryptocurrency Dash sees former director of finance named CEO of the Dash Core Project with founder Evan Duffield moving to an advisory role. Duffield and the Dash Core unanimously agreed to the appointment. The Dash Core is a democratically elected body responsible for the growth of the Dash ecosystem.
Prior to joining Dash Mr. Taylor was a hedge fund analyst and associate partner with McKinsey & Company’s Business Technology Office. He is excited about Dash’s future.
“The beauty of a blockchain-based project is decentralization, the dispersion and distribution of functions and powers. Since its inception, Dash has been the benchmark of decentralized success. Our unique governance model ensures an ownership mindset that is designed to improve the state and functionality of the Dash network and increase the network’s value.”
Mr. Duffield, who moves on to other projects aimed at expanding Dash’s market presence, expects no transition bumps.
“For the last several months, daily operations and technology development at Dash Core have been led by now-CEO Ryan Taylor and CTO Andy Freer. Our most recent software upgrade – deployed in February – was developed and released without my hands-on involvement.”



Taylor said,