Brelion Announces Acquisition of PeerRealty

Real estate technology company Brelion has acquired Chicago-based real estate crowdfunding platform PeerRealty.

“PeerRealty is a leader in the real estate crowdfunding industry with a strong brand in the Chicago and the Midwest region,” Brelion founder and CEO Vadim Kleyner said. “Their client base, combined with Brelion’s innovative technology and investment management experience, will open up new opportunities for real estate stakeholders.”

PeerRealty users should immediately notice more real estate projects and be on the watch for new reporting and communication features made possible by Berlin technology.

Founders Jordan Fishfeld and Juan Hernandez have left PeerRealty to focus on alternative asset secondary market CFX Markets. Brelion named Eugene Blumin PeerRealty CEO, Andre Temnorod CTO and Boris Gringauz director of finance.

“PeerRealty is stronger than ever and clients are already benefiting from Brelion’s technology resources as well as the opportunities available with the burgeoning Northeast Ohio real estate market,” Mr. Blumin said. “Our first project, targeting a 14 percent annualized return for preferred equity holders completed its funding in record time”.

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