CakeCodes announces crowdsale as BitMaker app version 2.0 launched

Following the success of its first iteration, blockchain adtech and payments company CakeCodes has released Android app BitMaker 2.0.

BitMaker incentivizes users to engage with mobile products via advanced gamification and free Bitcoin and Ethereum rewards which can be transferred to wallets at any time. Launched in stealth back in September, 2014, the unfunded startup offers its more than 250,000 active monthly users across 187 countries rewards for more than 100 apps offered on its platform,including Mobile Strike and Game of War: Fire Age.

“Nearly $600 billion is spent on global advertising, and yet many ads are simply ineffective,” CakeCodes CEO Simon Yu said. “Advertisements are everywhere and people automatically tune them out. The CakeCodes team had a mission to make advertisements more effective and less annoying.

“Traditional advertising methods include pushing unsolicited ads onto people. We wanted to combat this by giving consumers the option to opt in and get paid for their time used on trying a new product. With Bitmaker, end-users get paid, businesses only pay upon engagement, and customer acquisition costs are dramatically decreased.”

“We are able to understand what the customer needs because we’re also the audience: our team is made of app developers and gamers,” CakeCodes founder and CTO Calvin Hsieh said. “That’s why we crafted our app based off the mechanisms behind popular role-playing games, including World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy. While playing, gamers are rewarded for completing a mission for items like digital swords or in-game gold. We made this experience tangible by tying it to the real world; when a user completes a mission on our app, they receive real money. After 700,000 installs, we are proud to state that our business model works.”

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