The Chargeback Company names former Mastercard exec to biz dev post

The Chargeback Company (Chargebacks911 in the United States) has named Carolyn Sweeney director of global business development.
Ms. Sweeney has spent two decades in end-to-end chargeback management, dispute resolution and consumer legislation. She was Mastercard’s vice president of global chargeback solutions and also worked for Lloyds Bank.
Carolyn Sweeney

Carolyn Sweeney

We’re absolutely thrilled to have Carolyn onboard,” The Chargeback Company managing director Monica Eaton-Cardone said. “Few people understand chargebacks like she does and having her onboard is testament to the vision and ambition of this company. Her natural charisma, proven leadership, and first-hand knowledge of dispute resolution for merchants and banks adds further firepower to our burgeoning team.”
The Chargebacks Company said chargeback issuance frequency is growing 20 per cent each year, nearly triple the growth rate of transactions. The overall loss due to fraud and chargebacks is £80 billion.