TaaS token crowdsale raises $7.7M

The TaaS ICO has concluded and the results were well worth the effort.
The closed-end fund entirely dedicated to blockchain assets raised $7.7 million from 3761 investors worldwide. Some funds are earmarked accelerate development of TaaS’ Cryptographic Audit technology which is an autonomous set of auditing techniques which track, record and timestamp trading activity. Another beneficiary is Kepler, a tool TaaS likens to a Bloomberg terminal that will provide audits, projections, research, and various indices. Two per cent of the funds are reserved for bounty programs.
Those results are a confirmation, TaaS cofounder and president Ruslan Gavrilyuk said.
“TaaS is extremely pleased with the successful crowdsale result, which garnered a high degree of public interest well before the ICO opened. The investment rate reflects the strong market demand for a platform that reduces the barriers to entry for investing in cryptocurrencies, a niche that TaaS has now filled.”
The TaaS token is now available on exchanges Livecoin and Kuna.
“As the token is integrated with exchanges Kuna and Livecoin today, with further exchanges becoming available soon, investors can benefit from easy, fully transparent and convenient access to the vast cryptocurrency market,” Mr. Gavrilyuk added.
Currencies both digital and traditional were used. In total 3,424 Bitcoin, 45,180 Ethereum, 192,562 Tether and $43,368 were invested during the ICO.

TaaS token owners collect 50 per cent of quarterly earnings in Ethereum via an Ethereum smart contract. The capital pool will be grown by having 25 per cent of all earnings invested back into the fund. That allows a token’s net asset value to increase over time, meaning TaaS’ value is explicitly tied to parent project performance.