Fintech PR agency Wachsman PR to open Dublin office

Global fintech PR agency Wachsman PR opened its European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland earlier today.

Founded by David Wachsman in 2015, Wachsman PR has represented more than 40 clients, including publicly traded companies, entrepreneurs, and fintech startups, including ones focusing on the blockchain, cryptocurrency, equity crowdfunding, alternative assets and real estate investments.

Ireland brings much to the table, Mr. Wachsman explained.

“Ireland continues to be America’s gateway to Europe. A business friendly environment, world class talent, grade A infrastructure and strong historical ties between the US and Ireland make Dublin an attractive location for our European headquarters.”

David Wachsman

Mr. Wachsman added that it was important for the company to have a closer presence to its European clients.

“The pace of Wachsman PR’s growth has been far faster than we could have imagined, and so much of this is due to the rise of cutting edge technology companies throughout Europe. From Wall Street, we watched as Dublin grew into an epicentre for blockchain technology, and Deloitte’s recent decision to launch their EMEA Blockchain Lab in the city is a perfect example.”



The new office is headed by Dubliner Emma Walker, who joined the firm shortly after its inception. Ms. Walker works closely with the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities.



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